Junio C Hamano wrote:
> The whole point of show-cdup is that people (especially those in
> java land) bury themselves in a hierarchy so deep that it is not
> feasible to tell "Go count the hierarchy and prefix that many ../
> yourself" to them.


> The answer to "we cannot count ../" issue is ":(top)" aka ":/" magic
> pathspec modifier.

I thought :/ was a revspec, which is why I was scratching my head so
hard.  Did we introduce this ambiguity intentionally?

This errors out:

  git log :/Makefile

So, I have to do either of these:

  git log :/Makefile --
  git log -- :/Makefile

depending on what I want.

> "git blame" takes a single pathname, not "a set of patterns to match
> against to select concrete paths", which is what a pathspec is.

So the problem is that I can't do:

  git blame -- :/Makefile

So blame has to be converted to use pathspec semantics, and should
error out when the pathspec doesn't match the concrete path of a file.
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