Am 25.05.2013 21:16, schrieb Pat Thoyts:
> On that note -- with this merge as it now stands I get the following
> test failures:
>                     155, 158, 162, 164

These tests fail because they use absolute paths, e.g. 
"C:/.../global-excludes", which is then translated to 
"C<NUL>/.../global-excludes". Can be fixed like so:

--- 8< ---
--- a/t/
+++ b/t/
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ test_description=check-ignore
 . ./

 init_vars () {
-       global_excludes="$(pwd)/global-excludes"
+       global_excludes="global-excludes"

 enable_global_excludes () {

However, this raises the question whether colon is such a good choice as 
separator in 'git-check-ignore --verbose' output.

':' conflicts at least with Windows absolute paths and ADS names, and also with 
URLs (in case someone finds 'git ls-files 
--exclude-from=' useful enough to 
implement :-)

I realize colon was chosen to mimic git-check-attr, however, check-attr prints 
relative paths only (I think?).

How about using TAB or '|' instead? AFAICT, these are typically not used in 
paths or glob patterns.

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