Jonathan Nieder wrote:
Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:

I think he way forward on Windows is
Why is there only one way forward?  Why do you get to pick it, given
that you've said you're not interested in working on it?

                                              I never understood why
users on Windows want to use something as POSIX'y as git.git.
Plenty of users on Windows use a command line.  I have even been such
a user from time to time.  I'm quite grateful for Dscho et al's work
on making that less painful.

I agree completely. It's rare that I use Windows now, but a few years ago I installed Cygwin on any machine that I would use in any serious capacity. I haven't needed to do this since I started to use Git; the Windows installer ships all of the POSIX utilities that I need (with the possible exception of 'tree', and the caveat that scp can't handle files >= 2GB).

I'm very appreciative of the work that's gone in to Git for Windows, and from my perspective it's a pleasant coincidence that it includes a POSIX shell and associated tools.

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