Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> writes:

>> Whether it's based on POSIX is an implementation detail for the user.
>> The real question is more command-line Vs GUI than POSIX/Win32. Some
>> Linux users like GUI, some windows users use command-line. I tried IDE
>> integration with EGIT, and quite frankly I ended-up doing all the Git
>> stuff in a terminal next to Eclipse.
> I see.  But isn't it possible to implement a CLI in libgit2 too, no?

Yes (there have actually been several attempts at this like
https://github.com/Romain-Geissler/git2 and
https://github.com/vfr-nl/git2/), but there are a *lot* of stuff that
are in git.git and not in libgit2.

I'd love to see Git re-implemented on top of libgit2, but that's not
going to happen tomorrow :-\.

Matthieu Moy
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