Matthieu Moy wrote:
> Reading Git for Windows's FAQ
> ( ),
> it seems rather clear that the TODO-list is already long to have a
> correct Perl support (I'm quite admirative of the work done already).
> The POSIX guys shouldn't move faster than the Windows guys can follow.

Ha!  So, it's subversion and perlxs.  I was wondering what was so
non-trivial about shipping a perl interpreter with Windows when dscho
mentioned it.

Hopefully, I've done a little bit to improve the situation by pushing
svnrdump into core (I don't know if it has any users).  On the git
side, git-remote-testsvn is still a toy (which is a product of many
months of work by db + 2x SoCs) compared to git-svn.perl.  Yeah,
supporting subversion is extraordinarily painful.
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