Jeff King wrote:
> Sorry, I don't have patches. It is a hard problem for which I do not
> have the solution, which is kind of my point.

So, what is the problem?  We are moving towards what we think is the
way forward.  Nobody said that it is the theoretical best, but it's
_much_ better than doing nothing, no?

> For the record, I am not _against_ any code organization that might be
> useful for lib-ification later. I just do not see it as an interesting
> step to be discussing if you want to know whether such a lib-ification
> effort is feasible.

Then whom are we to ask about this feasibility?  All the core
contributors (including Junio) are in the CC.  Nobody has said
anything.  So, are you proposing that we sit and ponder over our
theoretically-indeterminate-feasibility problem?  There is no magic
bullet, Jeff.  We write code, and we fix bugs as and when they crop
up; there's really not much else anyone can do.  Help by writing code,
or reviewing someone else's code.
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