On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 1:49 PM, Jeff King <p...@peff.net> wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 12:14:36AM +0530, Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
>> Jeff King wrote:
>> > Sorry, I don't have patches. It is a hard problem for which I do not
>> > have the solution, which is kind of my point.
>> So, what is the problem?  We are moving towards what we think is the
>> way forward.  Nobody said that it is the theoretical best, but it's
>> _much_ better than doing nothing, no?
> I thought I already said: there is a lot of global state that is assumed
> to be wiped between various functions and git commands. For example, you
> cannot just call cmd_log twice in the same process and get the right
> answers. I haven't seen a proposal for dealing with that.
>> Then whom are we to ask about this feasibility?  All the core
>> contributors (including Junio) are in the CC.  Nobody has said
>> anything.  So, are you proposing that we sit and ponder over our
>> theoretically-indeterminate-feasibility problem?  There is no magic
>> bullet, Jeff.  We write code, and we fix bugs as and when they crop
>> up; there's really not much else anyone can do.  Help by writing code,
>> or reviewing someone else's code.
> I mentioned a bug above. How are you going to fix it? Where is your
> patch to review?

--- a/git.c
+++ b/git.c
@@ -359,7 +359,7 @@ static void handle_internal_command(int argc,
const char **argv)
                { "index-pack", cmd_index_pack, RUN_SETUP_GENTLY },
                { "init", cmd_init_db },
                { "init-db", cmd_init_db },
-               { "log", cmd_log, RUN_SETUP },
+               { "log", cmd_log, RUN_SETUP | NEEDS_FORK },
                { "ls-files", cmd_ls_files, RUN_SETUP },
                { "ls-remote", cmd_ls_remote, RUN_SETUP_GENTLY },
                { "ls-tree", cmd_ls_tree, RUN_SETUP },


But either way, that's orthogonal to the builtin/lib.a issue. It has
absolutely nothing to do with Ruby, or my experiment. It's about the
sequencer and notes, and all that stuff for which I just sent
forty-something patches. If you have a better idea how to fix that,
let's see it.

Felipe Contreras
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