Thomas Rast wrote:
> The arguments arise to a large degree from attempting to review his
> work.  Not doing so is not an option, see e.g.:

I don't recall saying that you shouldn't review his work (?).  What I
_am_ saying is that there is absolutely no point belaboring over
what's wrong with Felipe's "tone", "demeanour" and "style of
discussion".  It has been discussed a zillion times now.  You're doing
it under the pretext of "agreement" and "setting a good example" (in
jk's words); in reality, you're setting a bad example by showing
everyone that it is okay to do the same thing (welcome jh!) and waste
everyone's time.


All these are legitimate reviews, and they and everyone's getting
along just fine.  What argument are you talking about?  *scratches

> And that's not even counting the part of the argument that arises purely
> from deliberate flaunting of the project's guidelines.

What guidelines?
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