Is there any official documentation of tree objets format? Are tree
objects encoded specially in some way? How can I parse the inflated
contents of a tree object?

We're suspecting that there is some kind of special format or
encoding, because the command "git cat-file -p <sha>" show me the
expected output, something like:

100644 blob 2beae51a0e14b3167fd7e81119972caef95779f4    .gitignore
100644 blob 7c817960e954f0278a6eee8d58611f61445167e8    LICENSE.txt
100644 blob 30e849cba985d74bfd29696f6dee5a40abaacb03    README

While "git cat-file tree <sha>" generate an strange output, which
indicate some kink of encoding problem. Something like:

100644 .gitignore+��▒����,��Wy�100644
LICENSE.txt|�y`�T�'�n��XaaDQg�100644 README0�I˩��K�)


Chico Sokol
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