On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 01:25:14PM -0300, Chico Sokol wrote:
> Is there any official documentation of tree objets format? Are tree
> objects encoded specially in some way? How can I parse the inflated
> contents of a tree object?

Tree object consists of entries, each concatenation of:
- Octal mode (using ASCII digits 0-7).
- Single SPACE (0x20)
- Filename
- Single NUL (0x00)
- 20-byte binary SHA-1 of referenced object.

At least following octal modes are known:
40000: Directory (tree).
100644: Regular file (blob).
100755: Executable file (blob).
120000: Symbolic link (blob).
160000: Submodule (commit).

The entries are always sorted in (bytewise) lexicographical order,
except directories sort like there was impiled '/' at the end.

So e.g.:
! < 0 < 9 < a < a- < a- (directory) < a (directory) < a0 < ab < b < z.

The idea of sorting directories specially is that if one recurses
upon hitting a directory and uses '/' as path separator, then the
full filenames are in bytewise lexicographical order.

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