Chico Sokol <> writes:

> Is there any official documentation of tree objets format? Are tree
> objects encoded specially in some way? How can I parse the inflated
> contents of a tree object?
> We're suspecting that there is some kind of special format or
> encoding, because the command "git cat-file -p <sha>" show me ...
> While "git cat-file tree <sha>" generate ...

"cat-file -p" is meant to be human-readable form.  The latter gives
the exact byte contents read_sha1_file() sees, which is a binary
format.  Essentially, it is a sequence of:

 - mode of the entry encoded in octal, without any leading '0' pad;
 - pathname component of the entry, terminated with NUL;
 - 20-byte SHA-1 object name.

sorted in a particular order.

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