Junio C Hamano wrote:
> The first line from status in the middle of
> a rebase is secondary.  End-user initiated "checkout" to detach is
> the primary thing.
>> 3. The problem is not unique to rebase at all; yet you have
>> special-cased it.  If this isn't a band-aid, what is?
> It is an illustration for approach (2) in the other message.
> In the longer term, you would want richer status output for various
> detached state, and that "how about this" patch shows where new code
> to support other cases should be added.

Fine.  If that is what you want, we'll have to special-case every
known script-in-progress to stop writing the usual "HEAD detached
from" message.  That'll leave out only the "end-user cases", where you
argue that the message is helpful.
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