Junio C Hamano wrote:
> [...]

I have no desire to argue incessantly.  I just want a solution to the problem!

> A rerolled series that does:
>  - Tweak wt-status.c to take information not from reflog, when
>    detached during rebase (this may need to tweak existing tests,
>    as different "rebase" modes may use 'checkout' liberally in
>    different ways);

Please be more specific, and tell me what it should print when a
rebase is in progress.  Would a constant

  # rebase in progress; onto $ONTO

be sufficient?

>  - Teach builtin/commit.c to pay attention to reflog-action; thanks
>    to the previous step, this will not have to change the tests;

Where did builtin/commit.c enter into the equation?  Doesn't it
already respect GIT_REFLOG_ACTION?  See line 1461.

>  - Update the reflog message rebase uses, but again this will not
>    affect wt-status.c at all.

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