Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> writes:

> So after extensive discussions with Junio, I have updated [5/6] to
> special-case rebase and rebase -i instead of dropping the "HEAD
> detached from" message altogether.  Also, [1/6] includes two more
> tests, as suggested by Junio.
> Junio: The message is now the constant "rebase in progress; onto
> $ONTO".

That message is better than I was anticipating.

I was actually assuming that you would leave them as they are
i.e. "# HEAD detached at xxx", as we agreed that we will see them
improved anyway by the other topic.

I am still puzzled to see that the change to checkout comes at the
very end.  With "do not depend on rebase reflog messages" done
before the "checkout: respect reflog-action", I was hoping that we
can have changes to the actual reflog message made to rebase (patch
2 and 3) can be done at the very end.  Was I missing something else?

In other words, the order I was anticipating to see after the
discussion (this is different from saying "A series that is not
ordered like this is unacceptable") was:

>   wt-status: remove unused field in grab_1st_switch_cbdata

This is an unrelated clean-up, and can be done before anything else.

>   t/checkout-last: checkout - doesn't work after rebase

This spells out what we want to happen at the end and marks the
current breakage.

>   status: do not depend on rebase reflog messages

This compensates for fallouts from the next change.

>   checkout: respect GIT_REFLOG_ACTION

And this is the fix, the most important step.

>   rebase: prepare to write reflog message for checkout
>   rebase -i: prepare to write reflog message for checkout

And these are icing on the cake, but that cannot be done before
status is fixed.
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