Junio C Hamano wrote:
> I actually tried to reorder the patches and they seem to work OK as
> expected.  And I think it makes sense to order them the way I've
> been suggesting, so I'll tentatively queue the result of reordering
> on 'rr/rebase-checkout-reflog' and push it out as a part of 'pu'.
> Please check to see if I introduced a new bug while doing so.

Thanks for the reorder and commit message tweaks.  I'm working on the
series you put up on `pu` now.

> For example, the one in "git reabse" does this:
>     GIT_REFLOG_ACTION="$GIT_REFLOG_ACTION: checkout $onto_name"
>     git checkout -q "$onto^0" || die "could not detach HEAD"
>     git update-ref ORIG_HEAD $orig_head
>     ...
>     run_specific_rebase
> But the specific rebase, e.g. git-rebase--interactive, does this:
>         case $head_name in
>         refs/*)
>                 message="$GIT_REFLOG_ACTION: $head_name onto $onto" &&
>                 git update-ref -m "$message" $head_name $newhead $orig_head &&
>                 git symbolic-ref \
>                   -m "$GIT_REFLOG_ACTION: returning to $head_name" \
>                   HEAD $head_name
>                 ;;
>         esac && {
> I think the message you added to "git reabse" is only meant for that
> specific "checkout $onto", but it is set globally.  Wouldn't it
> affect later use, which expected it to be "rebase" and nothing else?

Both rebase.sh and rebase--interactive.sh set a sane GIT_REFLOG_ACTION
right on top (using set_reflog_action), so no worries.  I'll just
double-check to make sure that no bogus/ incorrect messages are

> Perhaps something like this on top of the entire series may be
> sufficient (which will be queued as "SQUASH???" at the tip).

I think this takes the wrong approach to the problem.  In my opinion,
the correct approach is to actually overshadow die() with a function
that clears GIT_REFLOG_ACTION before calling die().

>         git grep -C2 'git checkout' -- git-rebase\*.sh

Ugh.  I'll check all the codepaths thoroughly before submitting a re-roll.

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