Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
> Thanks for the reorder and commit message tweaks.  I'm working on the
> series you put up on `pu` now.

That said, I do not agree with one of your commit message updates:

    checkout: respect GIT_REFLOG_ACTION

    GIT_REFLOG_ACTION is an environment variable specifying the reflog
    message to write after an action is completed.  Several other commands
    including merge, reset, and commit respect it.

    Fix the failing tests in t/checkout-last by making checkout respect it
    too.  You can now expect

      $ git checkout -

    to work as expected after any operation that internally uses "checkout"
    as its implementation detail, e.g. "rebase".

After the patch you _cannot_ expect checkout-dash to work after any
operation that internally uses checkout; it's limited to rebase.  Many
other scripts (eg. bisect) do _not_ set GIT_REFLOG_ACTION at all.
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