On do, 2013-06-20 at 19:08 -0400, Jeff King wrote:

> I wonder why Dennis wants to "refs/*:refs/*" in the first place. It
> is not usually a useful thing to have in a non-bare repository,
> because fetches will overwrite local work on branches. If he just
> wanted the automatic "git push --mirror" setting, that does not depend
> on the fetch refspec.

I'm not doing that in non-bare repositories, neither do I use it for
pushing. It's for a continuous integration system, which never has any
locally created branches or commits, but does integrate things from
different remotes in some cases. The example with git.git is used
roughly as follows:

* git fetch all remotes (for most projects that will be 1 remote)
* rebuild reflogs from github events (or fetch via http/ssh)
* per push to next, check out to a separate $GIT_WORK_TREE and run make 
* for the last push, also build and publish daily tarball+deb+rpm

Then, for further testing of local requirements:

* cherry-pick your jk/blame_tree branch
* test, build and install package

Given that this system works with clones of what should be considered
canonical copies of repositories, those remotes shouldn't have any
remotes defined themselves, so at least being able to configure prune to
ignore refs/remotes/* and refs/tags/* would help me a lot.

Dennis Kaarsemaker

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