On do, 2013-06-20 at 16:30 -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> Maybe there is a miscommunication.
>       $ git ls-remote git://github.com/git/git.git | grep remotes/
> shows that that repository, your origin, has refs/remotes/github/html

Yes, I misunderstood you and see the problem now. Thanks for being
patient with me :)

> > Yeah, I'm starting to think this is not such a good idea. How about plan
> > B: issuing a warning when adding a remote with a refspec that also
> > matches another remote's refspec?
> Surely that will make things safer.
> > Or plan C: add a per-remote pruneIgnore setting that in this case I
> > could set to refs/tags/* refs/remotes/* as I know it's correct? Could
> > even be combined with plan B.
> As I already said "I dunno", I am not sure if it is worth the effort
> to support overlapping RHSs of fetch refspecs, so between B and C, I
> would vote for B.

I'm halfway through cooking up a patch for B, as I agree that it will
make things safer.

I'd really like to have C as well though, would you accept a patch that
implements it?
Dennis Kaarsemaker

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