Dennis Kaarsemaker <> writes:

>> Going back to your original example:
>>     [remote "origin"]
>>             url = git://
>>             fetch = +refs/*:refs/*
>>             mirror = true
>>     [remote "peff"]
>>             url = git://
>>             fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/peff/*
>> Wouldn't you obtain "refs/remotes/github/html" from your "origin"
>> via "git pull origin"?  What happens to your local copy of that ref,
>> when it goes away from the origin and then you try to "fetch --prune
>> origin" the next time with this patch (and without this patch)?
> git pull origin gives me refs/html in this case.

Maybe there is a miscommunication.

        $ git ls-remote git:// | grep remotes/

shows that that repository, your origin, has refs/remotes/github/html

And you have remote.origin.fetch = +refs/*:refs/* in your local
repository.  So that ref will come to your local repository under
the same name, i.e. refs/remotes/github/html, no?  Not as refs/html.

So this answer

>> What if you had this instead of the above version of remote.peff.*?
>>     [remote "peff"]
>>             url = git://
>>             fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/github/*
> That doesn't change anything.

cannot be correct.  You fetch from your origin and then its
refs/remotes/github/html *will* want to come to your local
repository and be stored there.  If Peff has html branch in that
hypothetical configuration, you fetch from him and his html branch
(i.e. refs/heads/html from his point of view) will want to replace
your local refs/remotes/github/html.  Or Peff may not have html
branch.  The point is that you cannot tell by only looking at your
local ref namespace and what "origin" has.

> Yeah, I'm starting to think this is not such a good idea. How about plan
> B: issuing a warning when adding a remote with a refspec that also
> matches another remote's refspec?

Surely that will make things safer.

> Or plan C: add a per-remote pruneIgnore setting that in this case I
> could set to refs/tags/* refs/remotes/* as I know it's correct? Could
> even be combined with plan B.

As I already said "I dunno", I am not sure if it is worth the effort
to support overlapping RHSs of fetch refspecs, so between B and C, I
would vote for B.
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