On 2013-07-07 02.55, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Mark Levedahl wrote:
>> Do not use FIFOs on cygwin, they do not work. Cygwin includes
>> coreutils, so has mkfifo, and that command does something. However,
>> the resultant named pipe is known (on the Cygwin mailing list at
>> least) to not work correctly.
> Hm.  How would you recommend going about writing a script that takes
> output from a command, transforms it, and then feeds it back into
> that command's input?  Are sockets a more reliable way to do this kind
> of IPC on Cygwin?
> See reinit_git and try_dump from t9010-svn-fe.sh for context.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan

t9010 needs PIPE in most test cases as a prerequisite.
And if PIPE isn't available, the tests can not be run.

Are you suggesting to replace the named pipes with a TCP socket?

Disabling PIPE under cygwin seems to be the right thing to do,
or do I miss something ?

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