Mark Levedahl wrote:

> However, I don't understand why git would need to consume its own
> output - If named pipes are really needed to use git-svn because
> git-svn depends upon git feeding the same git process, then that
> package should not be available on cygwin or any other platform that
> does not support fifos.

This isn't about git-svn but about the svn remote helper.  The same
considerations would apply to any other foreign repository importer
that uses "git fast-import --cat-blob-fd".  So I would like to make
sure it is at least possible to support such a thing in the Cygwin
and mingw ports.

>                          If not, then I don't think the test suite
> should require fifos or any other construct with the same git
> process feeding itself either, it just blurs the line about what is
> actually being tested.

I'm not sure I follow.  Are you saying Windows users would never want
to access Subversion repositories?

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