On 07/06/2013 08:55 PM, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
Mark Levedahl wrote:

Do not use FIFOs on cygwin, they do not work. Cygwin includes
coreutils, so has mkfifo, and that command does something. However,
the resultant named pipe is known (on the Cygwin mailing list at
least) to not work correctly.
Hm.  How would you recommend going about writing a script that takes
output from a command, transforms it, and then feeds it back into
that command's input?  Are sockets a more reliable way to do this kind
of IPC on Cygwin?

See reinit_git and try_dump from t9010-svn-fe.sh for context.


On the one hand, sockets work fine on cygwin so that path would probably work.

However, I don't understand why git would need to consume its own output - If named pipes are really needed to use git-svn because git-svn depends upon git feeding the same git process, then that package should not be available on cygwin or any other platform that does not support fifos. If not, then I don't think the test suite should require fifos or any other construct with the same git process feeding itself either, it just blurs the line about what is actually being tested.

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