Marc Branchaud <> writes:

> I personally don't have a lot of time to investigate the nuances of English.
> However, I desperately hope this list can avoid any linguistic flame wars.
> In that spirit, I suggest that anyone posting an orthographic patch (i.e. for
> something that isn't an obvious spelling mistake) could helpfully include a
> link or two to an explanation of the reasoning for the change.  Especially
> for folks who aren't native English speakers, this could help avoid a lot of
> back-and-forth.
> One general source I've found is the English StackExchange:

I'd rather not to see any change that turns one accepted form into
another accepted form at all (like "parseable" vs "parsable" in this
patch).  For that purpose, asking "What is parseable" to Google and
seeing if there is a hit is good enough ;-)

I'd of course welcome genuine typofixes, like s/filesytem/filesystem/.

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