Junio C Hamano wrote:

> Is that accurate?  My impression has been:
>     The documentation liberally mixes US and UK English (en_US/UK)
>     norms for spelling and grammar, which is somewhat unfortunate.
>     In an ideal world, it would have been better if it consistently
>     used only one and not the other, and we would have picked en_US.

I'm not convinced that would be better, even in an ideal world.

It's certainly useful to have a consistent spelling of each term to
make searching with "grep" easier.  But searches with "grep" do not
work well with line breaks anyway, and search engines for larger
collections of documents seem to know about the usual spelling
variants (along with knowing about stemming, etc).  Unless we are
planning to provide a separate en_GB translation, it seems unfortunate
to consistently have everything spelled in the natural way for one
group of people and in an unnatural way for another, just in the name
of having a convention.

I am not sure it makes sense for the documentation to say "A huge
disruptive patch of such-and-such specific kind of no immediate
benefit is unwelcome".  Isn't there some more general principle that
implies that?  Or the CodingGuidelines could simply say

        The documentation uses a mixture of U.S. and British English.

My two cents,
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