Stefan Beller <> writes:

> Here is just another idea: 
>       if (cmdmode == 'v')
> This may be hard to read, (What is 'v'? I cannot remember 
> all the alphabet ;)) So maybe we could have an enum instead of
> the last parameter? 
> OPT_CMDMODE( short, long, variable, description, enum)

I actually was thinking about going totally in the opposite

People who grew up with the old Unix tradition getopt(3) are used to
code like this:

        while ((opt = getopt(ac, av, "abcde")) != -1) {
                switch (opt) {
                case 'a': perform_a(); break;
                case 'b': perform_b(); break;

In other words, the "enum" is most convenient if it matches the
"short" option, so instead of having to repeat ourselves over and
over, like I did in that illustration patch for builtin/tag.c, e.g.

                OPT_CMDMODE('d', "delete", &cmdmode, N_("delete tags"), 'd'),
                OPT_CMDMODE('v', "verify", &cmdmode, N_("verify tags"), 'v'),

we could just do

#define OPT_CMDMODE(s, l, v, h) \
    { OPTION_CMDMODE, (s), (l), (v), NULL, \

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