Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Stefano Lattarini wrote:
>> Why not encourage the use of a standardized '--action' option instead?
> Because it's an unpleasant UI. :)
>> This can work with lesser compatibility headaches for both the commands
>> taking mode options and the commands taking mode words:
>>   "git submodule init"   becomes  "git submodule --action=init"
>>   "git tag --delete TAG" becomes  "git tag --action=delete TAGNAME"
> That looks like a bad change in both cases --- it involves more
> typing without much upside to go along with it.  But
>       "git submodule init"   gains synonym "git submodule --init"
>       "git tag --delete TAG" stays as      "git tag --delete TAG"
> looks fine to me.

I agree 100% with the above that illustrates why --action=<name> is
a bad idea.  As I already said, adding action-option like --init, if
doing so might help people, I am not opposed to it.

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