Stefano Lattarini wrote:

> Why not encourage the use of a standardized '--action' option instead?

Because it's an unpleasant UI. :)

> This can work with lesser compatibility headaches for both the commands
> taking mode options and the commands taking mode words:
>   "git submodule init"   becomes  "git submodule --action=init"
>   "git tag --delete TAG" becomes  "git tag --action=delete TAGNAME"

That looks like a bad change in both cases --- it involves more
typing without much upside to go along with it.  But

        "git submodule init"   gains synonym "git submodule --init"
        "git tag --delete TAG" stays as      "git tag --delete TAG"

looks fine to me.

In the long run, we could require that for new commands the 'action'
option must come immediately after the git command name if that makes
things easier to learn.

Thanks for some food for thought.

My two cents,
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