Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> Junio C Hamano <> writes:
>> +changes.  You can emulate `git log` with a trivial script that pipes
> I'd say "You can emulate `git log` and `git log -p`" here, but I'm fine
> with your version too.

By `git log`, I meant "`git log` with its various options", as it
felt unnecessary to single `-p` out.  But will reword anyway.

>> -[NOTE]
>> -Most likely, you are not directly using the core
>> -Git Plumbing commands, but using Porcelain such as 'git add', `git-rm'
>> -and `git-commit'.
> This removal sounds unrelated, but I don't understand what this note was
> doing here anyway, so it's good to remove it.

Yeah, the removal is part of "...and this document is not where the
end users learn what `git log` command is about.  Stop at briefly
mentioning the possibility of combining rev-list with diff-tree to
build your own log, and leave the end-user documentation of `log` to
the new tutorial and the user manual".

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