On 08/13/2013 01:46 PM, Jeff King wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 09:05:40PM +1000, Andrew Ardill wrote:
>> I applied this on top of latest next (1da3ebde8999d07), and it worked
>> perfectly for my use case.
>> For what it's worth, it also passed the test suite!
>> Would be great to see this, or something on the same theme, get into
>> master. I'd be happy to review patches/write tests/write documentation
>> if needed.
> Like I said, I do not have a particular use for it, but I don't think it
> would hurt anybody who does not use it. If you want to polish it up into
> a real patch with docs and tests, I don't mind.
> The only downside I can think of is that we might want to use the
> subsection in "include.SUBSECTION.*" for some other limiting conditions
> (e.g., "only include this config when running version >= X.Y", or even
> "include only when environment variable FOO is true").
> I guess we could do something like:
>   [include "repo:...your regex here..."]
>     path = .gitconfig-only-for-some-repos
>   [include "env:USE_MY_MAGIC_CONFIG"]
>     path = .gitconfig-only-when-magic-env-set
> Adding the "repo:" prefix for this repo-dir matching is pretty trivial.
> Adding a similar env-matching is only slightly less trivial; but does
> anybody actually want it?

Gaaak!  Let me again plead for supporting a post-clone hook rather than
inventing some crazy config-file syntax that is becoming ever more
complicated.  A post-clone hook would make all of these things that have
been suggested pretty easy, and would also open lots of other
possibilities, all without further changes in git.core, like (I'm just
brainstorming here):

    #! /bin/sh


    ln -s $(HOME)/.githooks/* .git/hooks

    case "$(git --version)" in
        git config include.path "$(HOME)/.gitinclude

    echo "(cd $(pwd) && git gc)" >>"$(HOME)/cron.weekly/git-gc"

    case "$remote" in
        git config user.email m...@work.com
        git config user.email m...@debian.org
        echo '### Remember to set user.email ###'


Michael Haggerty
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