Jeff King <> writes:

> This whole discussion is basically implementing conditional config.
> [...] The problem is that it would be tricky to do in a
> backwards-compatible way.

That could be done with "conditional comments" like

# if <some-condition> then
        pager = less
# endif

That's rather ugly, and the implementation would be even more ugly, but

> [1] I used to run into this with pager.*, which originally could only be
>     a bool, but later learned to take custom pagers. I solved it with:
>       git config --file .gitconfig-pager pager.diff ...
>       git config --global include.path .gitconfig-pager

Same here, with push.default = upstream, which breaks old versions of
Git ;-).

(I have a recent Git on my desktop, and my $HOME is shared with a server
running Debian oldstable)

Matthieu Moy
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