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> This is assuming you follow the scheme
>   git -> local repo for other vcs -> remote repo for other vcs
> which itself more or less assumes that the other VCS is a decentralized
> VCS. I understand this is a good idea for hg or bzr remote helpers, but
> not applicable for git-remote-mediawiki.

A centralized repository is a subset of decentralized workflows.

> Back to my original problem: the point of dumb push is to make sure the
> next import will re-import the pushed revisions. if I use something
> other than the private namespace to keep track of the last imported,
> then I'll need to do a non-fast forward update to the private ref. I
> could do that by sending "feature force\n" it the beginning of the
> fast-import stream when importing, but that loses one safety feature
> (e.g. I detected the breakage thanks to the non-fast forward error
> message, while the tests incorrectly pass if I enable "force").

I don't know if a dumb push is the right thing to do here, but
supposing it is, you can still report non-fast-forward errors:


If it's too much hassle to find non-fast-forward situations by
yourself, then perhaps it would make sense to update the remote
namespace only when a certain feature has been flagged.

Felipe Contreras
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