Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> How would I do that? The update to the remote namespace is done by Git,
> not by the remote-helper.
> OK, I'm now convinced that my solution is the right one. The
> alternatives are far more complex and I still fail to see the benefits.

Sounds like a plan, even though it smells like the "update is done
by Git" that does not have any way to opt-out may be the real design
mistake and your "solution" is a work-around to that.

Would it be a possibility to make it tunable, perhaps by introducing
a capability on the remote-interface side that allows you to tell it
not to mess with the remote namespace?  If we were doing this from
scratch, I would suspect that we would have made the capability work
the other way around (Git does not do the update by default, but
helpers c an ask Git to do so).

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