Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:
> "Uli Heller" <uli.hel...@daemons-point.com> writes:
> > Nevertheless, I think it makes sense to fix the issue within the
> > git perl module Ra.pm, too. The change frees the private copy of
> > the remote access object on termination which prevents the error
> > from happening.

> Thanks.  Please sign-off your patch.
> I am Cc'ing Kyle McKay who apparently had some experience working
> with git-svn with newer svn that can only use serf, hoping that we
> can get an independent opinion/test just to be sure.  Also Cc'ed is
> Eric Wong who has been the official git-svn area expert, but I
> understand that Eric hasn't needed to use git-svn for quite a while,
> so it is perfectly fine if he does not have any comment on this one.
> We may want to find a volunteer to move "git svn" forward as a new
> area expert (aka subsystem maintainer), by the way.

Correct, git-svn has the effect of being self-obsoleting.

I agree with adding a workaround for broken things, however
I suggest a code comment explaining why it is necessary.
The commit message is important, too, but might get harder to track
down if there's code movement/refactoring in the future.

> > +END {
> > +   $RA = undef;
> > +   $ra_invalid = 1;
> > +}
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