On Sep 6, 2013, at 05:06, Uli Heller wrote:
I'm using Git built from master (57e4c1783).  I see the same behavior
both with and without the SVN/Ra.pm patch (and using both bulk updates
and skelta mode).  Does the problem not happen on a git svn clone?  I
can force serf back to version 1.2.1 and try that version just to see, but I would like to have an example of a known failing git svn command
for testing purposes.  Thanks.

I think this command should produce the error:

 git svn clone --stdlayout https://github.com/uli-heller/uli-javawrapper

You can use any other svn repo as well, you only have to specify an HTTPS

Yes, that does it. Interesting that cloning from "https://github.com/uli-heller/uli-javawrapper " core dumps while cloning from "http://github.com/uli-heller/uli-javawrapper " does not even though the latter redirects to "https://github.com/uli-heller/uli-javawrapper ".

In any case, I can now reproduce the problem (serf 1.3.1 still breaks since it does not yet contain the fix and it is the most recent serf release available).

And the Git/SVN/Ra.pm fix does eliminate the problem for me (both with bulk updates and with skelta updates -- the crash occurs with either).
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