On Fri, September 6, 2013 1:46 pm, Kyle J. McKay wrote:
> On Sep 5, 2013, at 11:48, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> "Uli Heller" <uli.hel...@daemons-point.com> writes:
>>> When using git-svn in combination with serf-1.2.1 core dumps are
>>> created on termination. This is caused by a bug in serf, a fix for
>>> the bug exists (see
>>> https://code.google.com/p/serf/source/detail?r=2146)
>>> .
>>> Nevertheless, I think it makes sense to fix the issue within the
>>> git perl module Ra.pm, too. The change frees the private copy of
>>> the remote access object on termination which prevents the error
>>> from happening.
>>> Note: Since subversion-1.8.0 and later do require serf-1.2.1 or
>>> later,
>>> the core dumps typically do show up when upgrading to a recent
>>> version
>>> of subversion.
>>> Credits: Jonathan Lambrechts for proposing a fix to Ra.pm.
>>> Evgeny Kotkov and Ivan Zhakov for fixing the issue in serf and
>>> pointing me to that fix.
>>> ---
>> Thanks.  Please sign-off your patch.
>> I am Cc'ing Kyle McKay who apparently had some experience working
>> with git-svn with newer svn that can only use serf, hoping that we
>> can get an independent opinion/test just to be sure.  Also Cc'ed is
>> Eric Wong who has been the official git-svn area expert, but I
>> understand that Eric hasn't needed to use git-svn for quite a while,
>> so it is perfectly fine if he does not have any comment on this one.
>> We may want to find a volunteer to move "git svn" forward as a new
>> area expert (aka subsystem maintainer), by the way.
>>> perl/Git/SVN/Ra.pm | 5 +++++
>>> 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+)
>>> diff --git a/perl/Git/SVN/Ra.pm b/perl/Git/SVN/Ra.pm
>>> index 75ecc42..78dd346 100644
>>> --- a/perl/Git/SVN/Ra.pm
>>> +++ b/perl/Git/SVN/Ra.pm
>>> @@ -32,6 +32,11 @@ BEGIN {
>>>     }
>>> }
>>> +END {
>>> +   $RA = undef;
>>> +   $ra_invalid = 1;
>>> +}
>>> +
>>> sub _auth_providers () {
>>>     my @rv = (
>>>       SVN::Client::get_simple_provider(),
> I have not, as of yet, been able to reproduce the problem, so I cannot
> verify the solution.  Maybe Uli can provide an example of a git-svn
> command that demonstrates the failure?
> I am running a fresh build of subversion 1.8.3 with serf version 1.3.1
> (the most recent serf release).
> According to the serf library history, version 1.3.1 of serf was
> tagged at revision 2139 from revision 2138, but the serf fix mentioned
> above was checked in at revision 2146, so it cannot possibly be in the
> serf 1.3.1 release.
> I'm using Git built from master (57e4c1783).  I see the same behavior
> both with and without the SVN/Ra.pm patch (and using both bulk updates
> and skelta mode).  Does the problem not happen on a git svn clone?  I
> can force serf back to version 1.2.1 and try that version just to see,
> but I would like to have an example of a known failing git svn command
> for testing purposes.  Thanks.

I think this command should produce the error:

  git svn clone --stdlayout https://github.com/uli-heller/uli-javawrapper

You can use any other svn repo as well, you only have to specify an HTTPS

[Yes, I know you typically don't clone github via git svn]

I'll do some more tests using git HEAD and serf 1.3.1 when I'm back home.

Thanks + best regards, Uli

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