On Sun, Sep 8, 2013 at 7:41 PM, Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:

>> Which raises another question on my side: Isn't it tedious for you to
>> both update DEF_VER *and* tag a version? Wouldn't it probably be less
>> error prove (in the sense of keeping DEF_VER and tagged version in
>> sync) to remove DEF_VER completely and just die if all ways to derive
>> a Git version fail?
> I do not see how it will fly well.  Some people want to build out of
> tarballs without having any "describe", and DEF_VER and version were
> added for that specific purpose.

Right, but do we really need DEF_VER *and* version? Couldn't we just
package official source tarballs in a way that they already contain an
auto-generated version file?

>>> a case where you have your own tag that points at the exact version
>>> as I tagged?  In such a case, do you have a preference on which tag
>> No. I always carry patches on top.
> That answer sidesteps the real issue; which one would you prefer if
> there are two or more tags?  "describe" updated with your patch
> would consider both and I think it favours the annotated one over
> lightweight.  If it matches the preferred order then G-V-N with you
> patch would help your workflow; otherwise you would still need a
> different way, e.g. making sure what you want it to use is always
> used by doing the ">version" thing.

My answer sidesteps the issue because you were explicitly offering the
sidestep in you original question ;-) Anyway, in such a scenario I
would probably prefer my own tag instead of upstream's tag, to be
honest. So you're right that in this case my patch won't help. But
like I said, the case is not valid for me as I will always carry
patches on top, and other people might feel differently about which
tag (annotated vs. lightweight) they prefer if both point to the same

Sebastian Schuberth
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