Sebastian Schuberth <> writes:

> Right, but do we really need DEF_VER *and* version? Couldn't we just
> package official source tarballs in a way that they already contain an
> auto-generated version file?

If you read our Makefile, you will see that we do include the
version file in our official tarball with "make dist".

That however does not help those who use a tarball obtained from
git-archive, perhaps via gitweb running at the distribution site.

Theoretically speaking, you can rip out everything but "version" and
tell those who have been relying on the way other parts of G-V-G
worked to change their workflow to stuff their favorite version
string to that file before building, so in that sense, we do not
*need* DEF_VER and version.  But they have been there for a long
time, and I do not think it gives us a good trade-off between
risking regression and reducing the linecount to change it to remove

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