> For now I'm trying to do the following:
> access-hook.bash has:
> delayed-notify.bash $@ &
> delayed-notify.bash has:
> sleep 10
> ...
> curl ...
> I'm expecting access-hook to spawn new process and return without
> waiting for it to finish to let the service to do its job. But when i
> do push - it sleeps for 10 seconds anyway. Am i missing something
> obvious here?
> Any help is much appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Eugene

I found a following solution to make it happen while waiting for
somebody to be generous enough to take on the --post-service-hook
(unfortunately i'm not a C guy):

It is using 'at' command. The access-hook script has:

echo "delayed-notify.bash $@" | at now

while delayed-notify.bash has:

sleep 10
curl ...

This is not perfect and in certain situations can still fail because
the delay is not long enough but this will at least resolve 90% of

I hope that might be helpful for someone.

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