2013/10/11 Sebastian Schuberth <sschube...@gmail.com>:
>> In test cases for relative_path, path with one leading character
>> (such as /a, /x) may be recogonized as "a:/" or "x:/" if there is
>> such DOS drive on MINGW platform. Use an umambigous leading path
>> "/foo" instead.
>> Also change two leading slashes (//) to three leading slashes (///),
>> otherwize it will be recognized as UNC name on MINGW platform.
> Note that the path mangling comes from MSYS [1], not MinGW, so you should
> place "MINGW" with "MSYS" in several places. As a side-note, the official
> spelling is "MinGW", not "MINGW".

I will make a reroll. s/MINGW/MSYS/i

>> -relative_path /a/b/c/  /a/b/           c/
>> +relative_path /foo/a/b/c/      /foo/a/b/       c/
> Wouldn't it have been more straight-forward to just replace "a" with "foo",
> "b" with "bar" and "c" with "baz" (or whatever)? So that the first line
> would say
> relative_path /foo/bar/baz/     /foo/bar/               baz/

These test cases have been used in some commit logs, such as
commit: v1.8.3-rc2-13-gad66df2. And for me (a non-English speaker)
a,b,c,x,y,z are more readable than bar, baz, qux, ...

Jiang Xin
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