(cc-ing Duy, who knows the setup code well)
Manish Gill wrote:

> I have a git repository with lots of submodules. In one particular
> submodule, I'm having the following problem:
> If I try to switch branches at the top-level of that submodule, I succeed.
> But, if I try to switch branches in any subsequen levels, I get the
> following error:
>     fatal: internal error: work tree has already been set
>     Current worktree: ../path/Mailman3/rest_project
>     New worktree: ../path/Mailman3/rest_project/website/public_rest
> Here, Mailman3 is the primary repository and "rest_project" is a
> submodule. I can do "git checkout" just fine
> inside rest_project, but not after cd-ing into any other repos.
> My git version is 1.8.4
> Other commands, like git status, push/pull are working fine.

Interesting.  Yeah, this shouldn't happen.

What is the exact command you use to get the above output?  Is your
repository public (which would let us reproduce it) or can you
reproduce it by creating a small artificial test repository?

For comparison, did some previous version of git work ok in the same
scenario, or is this the first time you've tried it?

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