On 09/26/2013 11:38 PM, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> (cc-ing Duy, who knows the setup code well)
> Manish Gill wrote:
>> I have a git repository with lots of submodules. In one particular
>> submodule, I'm having the following problem:
>> If I try to switch branches at the top-level of that submodule, I succeed.
>> But, if I try to switch branches in any subsequen levels, I get the
>> following error:
>>     fatal: internal error: work tree has already been set
>>     Current worktree: ../path/Mailman3/rest_project
>>     New worktree: ../path/Mailman3/rest_project/website/public_rest
>> Here, Mailman3 is the primary repository and "rest_project" is a
>> submodule. I can do "git checkout" just fine
>> inside rest_project, but not after cd-ing into any other repos.
>> My git version is 1.8.4
>> Other commands, like git status, push/pull are working fine.
> Interesting.  Yeah, this shouldn't happen.
> What is the exact command you use to get the above output?  

git checkout <branch_name>

Is your
> repository public (which would let us reproduce it) or can you
> reproduce it by creating a small artificial test repository

The repo isn't public, I'm afraid.

I should mention what *exactly* happened that led to this. I was trying
to publish my branch on Launchpad (using git-remote-bzr). At some point,
I had the genius idea to remote the extra stuff from the config file and
just try with the bzr:: remote as origin, and instead of doing it via
the console, I just replaced the config file.

Annnnyway, I just restored my backed up config file for that submodule
in the middle of writing this and seems like things seem to work now.

I dunno, this was most likely because of some configuration derp on my
part (the new config file didn't contain the branch information most
likely). So I guess problem solved!

Thanks for your help.

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