Manish Gill wrote:
> Jonathan Nieder wrote:

>> What is the exact command you use to get the above output?
> git checkout <branch_name>

Is <branch_name> a normal branch, a remote-tracking branch, or a
branch that doesn't exist yet?

> I should mention what *exactly* happened that led to this. I was trying
> to publish my branch on Launchpad (using git-remote-bzr). At some point,
> I had the genius idea to remote the extra stuff from the config file and
> just try with the bzr:: remote as origin, and instead of doing it via
> the console, I just replaced the config file.
> Annnnyway, I just restored my backed up config file for that submodule
> in the middle of writing this and seems like things seem to work now.

If you happen to have a copy of the old config file or remember what it
said, that could be helpful (especially if you can still reproduce the
problem in case we come up with a fix).

Did the config file have a [core] worktree setting or something similar?

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