Andreas Stricker wrote:

> svn, Version 1.7.10 (r1485443)
> I tried to reproduce the problem with git version and
> Subversion version 1.8.4 (r1534716) with a fresh and pristine
> subversion repo and a git-svn clone of it: I didn't manage to
> reproduce the rename issue. Then I switched subversion back to
> 1.7.10, created both the repo and the git-svn clone, switched
> againt to and then got an error. Unfortunately I didn't
> check if the subversion perlbindings were regenerated, so I'm
> not exactly sure.
> It looks like a fresh git svn clone may fix the problem.


Can you give an exact sequence of steps (including "Upgrade Subversion
at this step") to reproduce the problem?  That would help immensely
--- if at all possible, I would very much like to keep existing
git-svn repos working on upgrade.

Thanks for your work so far on this.

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