is it possible to debug git-svn or get a more verbose / debug output
from it? I already tried with the "GIT_TRACE" variable, but it does
not include any further output on the svn methods.

Regards, Benjamin

2013/11/17 Andreas Stricker <astric...@futurelab.ch>:
> Hi Jonathan
>> Can you give an exact sequence of steps (including "Upgrade Subversion
>> at this step") to reproduce the problem?  That would help immensely
>> --- if at all possible, I would very much like to keep existing
>> git-svn repos working on upgrade.
> Of course. I've attached a text file with the commands required to
> reproduce this error.
> From my experiments it looks like after the subversion is upgraded
> to 1.8 the problem only occurs if "git svn fetch" fetches new changes
> from the subversion repository. Without changes in upstream subversion
> repository I couldn't reproduce the error. And a rename is required too.
> Hope this helps.
> Regards, Andy
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