2013/12/27 Roman Kagan <rka...@mail.ru>:
> 2013/12/27 Jonathan Nieder <jrnie...@gmail.com>:
>> Could this be reproduced with a test script to make sure we don't
>> reintroduce the bug again later?  (It's okay if the test only fails on
>> machines with the problematic svn version.)
> That would need a fairly fancy setup phase, as the bug triggers only
> on http(s)-accessed svn repositories.  I'll take a look if there's
> something already available in the existing test scripts

Turns out the stuff is all there, and the tests doing file renames and
dcomit-ting them do exist (t9115-git-svn-dcommit-funky-renames.sh for

However, the httpd setup is seriously broken; I haven't managed to get
it to run on my Fedora 20 with apache 2.4.6.  Apparently git-svn tests
(almost) never get executed against an http-based repository; even
those who don't set NO_SVN_TESTS get them run against file-based
repository and thus don't trigger the error.

Someone with better apache-foo needs to take a look into that.  Once
that is sorted out I believe the tests will start triggering the bug.

Meanwhile I assume that the patch doesn't need to include an extra testcase.

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