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ycollette.nos...@free.fr writes:

> On most linux distro bugzilla website, there are some people dedicated
> to triaging bugs (finding duplicated bugs, asking for more
> informations, closing old and / or resolved bugs).
> To have an efficient bugtracking tool needs to have some people dedicated to 
> this.

On this list, proposals like "I would like to volunteer to do XYZ" are
usually more welcome than "someone should volunteer to do XYZ"...

> But for the user, it's a better approach. For example, I do not need
> to register to the devel list and I do not have to watch all mails to
> locate the one which concerns my bug.

You don't need to register to post, and people will Cc-you in their
replies by default.

Matthieu Moy
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