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> And the conclusion is ? No bugzilla tool installed because somebody
> want to build a gitbased bugzilla thing ?

Personally, I do not want Yet Another Bugzilla Account.  A project is
significantly less likely to get a patch from me if I have to create an
account to report a bug.  Most of the patches I send to various projects
are for bugs I've experienced and want to provide a fix for, so I send a
small number of patches to many projects.

I feel that the mailing list workflow ends up working very well for Git
and it provides a low barrier to entry for those that want to send just
one or two patches for problems that they're experiencing.  It also
allows me to see and comment on virtually every patch on the list, while
ignoring threads I am not interested in, a combination which is
difficult to achieve with a web-based bug tracker.

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