ycollette.nos...@free.fr writes:

> The bugzilla approach is really useful for the user who is reporting
> bugs: all the bugs are tracked, you can see if a bug has been already
> filled and put some additional informations if necessary.

As a user, the most important thing is that the bug is eventually fixed.
I had a lot of experiences with projects using bugtrackers, where
I filed bugs, and the bugs were burried forever in the bugtracker. Not
all projects are like this, but the danger of using a bugtracker to have
long-standing bugs forgotten is high. It is especially high when there's
no one paid to maintain the list of open bugs low.

As opposed to this, most bug reports on this list are followed by a
lively discussion and a patch.

Sure, a bugtracker could complement this, but someone would have to
volunteer to set up and maintain one, and to get developpers interested
in fixing bugs reported there. There have been attempts, but AFAIK no

Matthieu Moy
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