I'm normally an Emacs+command-line user, but I also use Eclipse or
Netbeans on some projects. I tried using EGit and the Netbeans plugin
for Git, but found the GUI both more comlex and less powerful than the
command-line. I end-up using command-line git in a terminal, outside the
IDE (and do a refresh in the IDE after commands that modify the
worktree). Obviously, being a long-time command-line user, I'm rather
heavily biaised ;-).

I was wondering whether others had similar (or not) experience. In
particular, as a teacher, I'm wondering whether I should push my
students towards the GUI in the IDE, or advise them to keep using the
command-line (we teach them git with the command-line first anyway, but
after a year of practice, we may want to show them the GUI equivalent).


Matthieu Moy
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