> I'm normally an Emacs+command-line user, but I also use Eclipse or
> Netbeans on some projects.

Did you give magit a try? It's really an awesome emacs plugin, which
gives me pretty much the same control as the command line experience
without the pain. Ask me more about if if you're interested.

> I was wondering whether others had similar (or not) experience. In
> particular, as a teacher, I'm wondering whether I should push my
> students towards the GUI in the IDE, or advise them to keep using the
> command-line (we teach them git with the command-line first anyway, but
> after a year of practice, we may want to show them the GUI equivalent).

In my experience, most people prefer the GUI version, simply because
to them it's more intuitive and stuffs like visual diffs tools are
integrated, which makes them quickly realise the benefits. That said,
because it's "easier" they tend to not dig deeper and are lost at the
first little problem, e.g a simple conflict becomes difficult to

In my opinion to *learn* git it's useful to learn with the console
first, just like when you learn C++ it's useful to start with simple
exercises and not jump straight to GUI programming. When they become
familiar with the basics, I think it's nice to show them about  `git
log --graph --all --decorate` and the gitk/gitg equivalent, or "git
diff" and the vimdiff/ediff/visual merge/kdiff equivalent.

When they understand git reasonably (or if they are not lazy people
and willing to learn), then show them full integrations like
TortoiseGit (or probably the Netbeans plugin), which are nice when
everything works but you have to know console git to fix things or
simply to be aware of their limitations.

TL;DR, I think both are necessary, the command line to understand git
and the integrations/wrappers to add sugar to your daily workflow.
Visual tools are great, especially visual diffs for merging.

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